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29 Jul 2010

This is the first post in this shiny, new blog.
For some time already I had been pondering the question whether I should really go through the trouble of setting up a small blog of my own, however always put it off due to the feeling that I had no content of real general interest to talk about. Additionally, the time and money I would likely have to spend until the thing was going to be up and running in the way I liked it certainly didn’t help either.

With the latest developments in my pet side project parboiled that will need some deeper explanations for which a number of blog posts seem like just the right transport as well as github finally having dropped it’s “paid account” requirement for CNAME aliases to its github pages service I finally got around to set up

It took me just a couple of hours to slap together a design built on blueprint, have the site structure be compiled by jekyll, tie in the non-static part (post comments) from disqus and host the whole thing for free as github pages. Apart from the time the only investment was the domain, I have complete control over almost all aspects of this site, can post using my favorite editors, versioning and deployment is a breeze and the whole setup feels quite natural. The only small drawback is that I don’t have complete control over the post comments since they live on the disqus servers, but that’s a small price I am willing to pay.
The source to this blog is available here for everyone to look at and play around with. You are free to use decodified as a base for your own blogging or jekyll endeavours, however, I would like to ask you to make sure that you don’t accidentally end up copying things like my google analytics code or disqus id if you do so.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the future contents of as much as I will enjoy writing them!


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