parboiled 0.11.0 released

Posted by Mathias in [parboiled]

21 Mar 2011

Today parboiled, the PEG parsing framework for Java and Scala, received an update to version 0.11.0. You can find the full changelog here.

The main focus of this release has been the improvement of the RecoveringParseRunner, which had a number of unfortunate bugs in the previous release. Error recovery is now a lot more stable, we use it ourselves as the basis for a custom IntelliJ IDEA plugin supporting a rather complex business DSL, which works very nicely.

After having upgraded your dependencies to the new artifacts your migration from 0.10.1 should be no problem, even though the API has undergone some minor breaking changes (all of them on the Scala side of parboiled). I hope you continue to enjoy working with parboiled


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