Scala Collections API Charted Out

Posted by Mathias in [scala]

02 Sep 2010

The revamped collections API is one of cornerstones of the recently released Scala version 2.8.
It provides an incredibly rich toolset for working with object collections and as such is one of the most important parts of the Scala runtime library. The Scala team has made an effort to provide thorough documentation uncovering its feature breadth, the most important sources of information being:

  1. A walk-through by Martin Odersky and Lex Spoon
  2. The same content as PDF
  3. The API ScalaDocs

Even though these pages are a great introduction or reference (respectively) I was missing a compact visual overview over how the different parts of the API play together. I therefore created a graphical representation of the main type relationships in the Scala 2.8 Collection API relevant to the user:

Scala Collections API Charts

The sources for these charts are available on github, they are based on the API scaladocs.
I will try to keep them current as the API evolves.


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